North Carolina Tourist Destinations

North Carolina is one of the places that we have to visit. Here, there are many interesting places that we have to know. It is filled with amazing tourist attractions that will catch your attention. Here are the most important places that are being visited every year.

North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina zoo is one of the most visited zoo in the world since many of the endangered species in the world are there. This zoo is considered as the largest among others in the world. Various species of animals are found here. Tourists or visitors don’t have to worry because the zoo is open every day.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In this park, tourists will surely enjoy the landscape and the beautiful wildflowers. There are a lot of interesting views in this place such as waterfalls. Anyone who is interested in hiking can enjoy his or her time throughout the day.

Mount Mitchell State Park

This is known as the highest peak. When you start hiking, you can see a beautiful view of the mountains especially when you reach the highest peak of the mountain. The park was named after a professor whose name is Elisha Mitchell.

Folk Art Center

Anyone who is fond of arts must visit this place. This museum contains different artworks that captivates the eyes of every visitor. In fact, thousands of tourists visit this place every year.

DuPont State Forest

This forest is a perfect place to relax and unwind. By looking at the waterfalls and lakes, you can have a peaceful mind and you can relieve your stress. Visit now!