Education in Holly Springs

Holly Springs which is located in North Carolina, U.S.A is a wonderful town. There are beautiful and interesting tourist spots here as well. In terms of the education, there are a lot of universities and colleges. Students usually enter at University of North Carolina and N.C State University. In this town, there are also educational institutions.

Schools, universities, and colleges are very important in every place. Students who want to study and learn can fulfill their dreams. Thankfully, there are educational institutions in the town of Holly Springs where students can go. What are the schools and colleges in this town?

Rust College

This educational institution is a private one. It is a college intended and built for African-Americans. It is also an old college that was established since the year 1866 and affiliated by a church. The college has five departments such as Department of Social Sciences, Department of Education, and Department of Business.

Mississippi Industrial College

This college has been sponsored by a church just like the Rust College. This was built for the African-Americans in order for them to be trained about literary and industrial arts. Its vision is to help the students live a life as a Christian and for them to become better citizens.

Mississippi Valley State University

This institution is a public state university. There are about 25 bachelor’s degree and 9 master’s degree offered. Many opportunities are also offered. Students who want to study abroad can go because this university offers the “study abroad” program.

Students who want to learn and study don’t need to worry at all. This is because there are colleges and universities in Holly Springs.