The People Living in Poverty in North Carolina

Every continent has different countries. For example, North America is a vast continent with many states. All people know about the United States of America. This consists of 50 states and mostly, are located in North America. Among these states is North Carolina. America is a well-known country. All people throughout the world surely know it. In fact, people think that America is the richest nation in the world. However, some Americans also suffer from poverty.

This is true with North Carolina. Then, who are the people that  lives in poverty in this state? As you can see in the above infographics, the people who suffer from poverty in North Carolina are women who raise their children alone, men who have children but raising their children without their wife, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.


  • Women and men raising their children alone. Why is it that women and men who raise their children alone suffer from poverty? Actually, it is very difficult to raise children alone. So, if a father or a mother do the role of a wife or a husband as well, then it would be difficult for him or her.
  • Senior citizens. In America, people usually let their old parents stay in a center or known as Home for the Aged. Since they cannot work any longer, it can’t be said that they have enough income.
  • People with disabilities.  If a person has a disability, it is difficult to work and receive income. This is why, they belong to those who suffer from poverty.